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Where do I pay?

Hello:  I clicked what I believe was the appropriate box for the course (critical thinking), and what I got was SHOPPING CART LAUNCHED...what does that mean?

  • You must first create an account on to complete the purchase. Once you have logged in by clicking "Enter Online Campus" on the homepage, you will navigate to the "Course Catalog". You will need to visit and review our technical requirements to ensure you have access to a compatible browser and device. Technical Requirements found here: . You will also need to ensure your pop up blocker is turned off.
    When purchasing a course, you will click the cart next to the course you would like to purchase. You will then see a green box appear in the cart. This indicates the course has been selected. Please do not click multiple times as that may cause site lag and the course to not actually be added in the cart. Once you have confirmed the correct course subscription is in the cart, you will scroll to the very bottom of the page and click "Order". You will confirm once again that you have selected the correct course, subscription length, RN or PN, etc. Please be sure to read all of the directions prior to completing the purchase. You will then complete the order by entering your payment information.
    You should not click the “Institutional Purchase” box if you are not one of the following listed on the website. Please note, as mentioned on the website, your course subscription begins immediately following this purchase. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your course is available immediately and your timer has now begun on your subscription. Your expiration date is also included so that you are aware of the time allotment in which you have to complete your course. We do not offer course extensions so you will need to utilize your subscription accordingly.