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I am not passing the pretest , should I retake them. Today is my first day.

  • Yes, in order to master the course and receive a certificate, you will need to score 75 or higher.
  • It will not let me click on my test. If a miss a question it freezes and that’s it
  • In reply to rnwku2017:

    We can see that you have been locked out of your Jurisprudence Exam due to closing out of the exam ten plus times. You cannot navigate away from the exam to check the reading content for the answer as you will be locked out each time you navigate from the exam after a few attempts. You will need to open a read only version separately in order to review the reading content for the answer. You must complete your exam in one sitting and cannot navigate away from the exam. We have reset your course as a one time courtesy only. You will need to go back to and begin the Jurisprudence course again.

    In order to access your course, please follow the steps in the order provided.
    1. Enter directly into your address bar.
    2. Click "Enter the Online Campus" from the homepage.
    3. You will then enter your login credentials; username/email address and password.
    4. Click the “My Courses” tab to launch course.
    5. Course should open initial window with “Save Progress & Close” button.
    6. Click “Launch Course” if it does not open automatically.
    This is the correct way to access the website by computer or mobile device. You will need to enter into your address bar each time you would like to access your course. You cannot resume working from the same browser that you previously worked in without first navigating back to the homepage and entering your login credentials. You should not still encounter issues within your course if you are accessing the website in this order. You cannot use a bookmark or favorite to access your course as this will not properly log you into your account and you may encounter saving errors when you attempt to save your progress and exit the course. If you continue to encounter errors, please review our technical requirements and try accessing through another compatible browser listed.