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Pretest Results?

Hey there, Just finished the pretest, I can see my incorrect and correct, but I thought it would give me some sort of results page where it showed my strengths and weaknesses? Is that available, or does it not exist? Because if it doesn't exist then it was just doing 150 random questions (Which is always good practice don't get me wrong) but there should be a way to see where you're lacking at, can somebody please help me?

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    Thank you for your reply but I was referring to the interactive exercises and 20 posttest on each lesson. I cannot view my scorecard it just appeared blank so I cannot review my answers & rationales. I keep on attempting to answer the same set of question until I get a "complete" assuming that I may get the right answers. I hope you can help me with this. I already tried logging in in a different computer but I still get the same problem.

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    Hi ,

    The interactive exercises will show you your answer and the rationale immediately upon answering the question.  In regards to the scorecard, try using a different browser.  Google Chrome is the alternative browser we suggest. Sometimes the scorecard takes a few seconds to load, so using a wired connection, instead of wireless, may help it load more quickly. If you continue having trouble, please email us at for more assistance.  


    Melinda, NCSBN

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    I finished pretest but I can't save

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    Make sure you are pressing Save Progress and Close in the upper right corner of the screen.  We suggest saving after each question bank, then re-opening to continue, especially if you are using a wireless connection.  Make sure you are using either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome if on a Windows computer.  


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    Hey My name is Veronicah. I am new to this website. I still cannot get the result for my Pretest page on strengths and weakness. Its still showing me in progress and I finished and redo it again. Can someone help me please.
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    Veronicah, you will need to access your RN Review course, click the Scorecard(s) for the Pretest section, and you may then click on the "Ref #" for the questions you answered to review the correct response to each question.
    For additional information regarding "In Progress", please refer to the following link: