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Is there anybody else having problems with logging in on the review this morning. Contacted customer support but he was not very helpful.

  • In reply to Mandy, NCSBN:

    Most ISPs seem to have updated, but there are still some problematic areas.  2 known issues are with AT&T SouthEast and Verizon UK.

    However, the issue is that some DNS servers have their own default.  We have seen a few to be as high as 48 hours for the NS records.  

    If you are in the South East using AT&T - please try to connect to the internet with a different internet provider. They should resolve in another 24 hours according to what their technical people have told us.  We are sorry they have caused this issue for you.

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    I am still having the problem. Do you know it anyone talked with an AT&T rep and was able to get the issue resolved. I really don't feel like being on hold or going back and forth with AT&T. I'm really frustrated and its really giving me a head ache. I will rather wait until tomorrow and hopefully it will be resolved. My review ends May 4.

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    Do you know if anyone was able to get this problem solved by talking to an AT&T rep. I don't want to be put on hold or going back and forth with AT&T. I'm frustrated and my head hurts. This is the second day I have lost. My review ends May 4 and I do not have another provider I can use. I have kids and can't just get up and leave. I will just have to wait and hopefully it will be resolved by tomorrow.

  • In reply to jabrooker1:

    Resetting DNS cache didn't work for me either.

    I Live in Saint Helens Oregon

    Internet Provider: Century Link

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    Oops I forgot this- My internet provider is based in Portland Oregon. If you could please help me figure this out I would appreciate it.

  • You are not the only one. NCSBN is saying that the issue is being caused by our IPs. I have not been able to sign in for 2 days. The tech resolution they gave me was unsuccessful. They also said they are not extending our subscriptions for the days lost. BIG BUMMER

  • In reply to fprjr1959:

    I have Century Link which is not working.

  • In reply to sarahmann04:

    I can log in with my cellphone (of course I can't do anything). Looks like it is something with the internet not the website. What a pain. :-( Everything I have tried has failed. If anyone else can figure out how to fix this please let the rest of us know. :-)