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The online system is down and would like to know when it will be back up and running?  Plus, will there be any added time compensation?  This is a pd for program, work as you can when you can; it should be available at all times.

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    I truly feel no one is working on it today being a Sunday.

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    yes thank Goodness!!!!! this definitely has been frustrating! When are you testing ?  I am planning on first week of Feb! Have you tried Dover nclex 3000? I have been using my pearson reviews and rationale questions to supplement! I was doing a lot of saunders but a classmate who graduated before me and passed her test said the questions are nothing like NCLEX hence why I bought this subscription.

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    Evreyone just calm down. I know its not easy to say it, I'm a bit fustrated too. But this is technology, it isn't perfect it will break down every once in a while. Ok yes this is long I get it. I'm sure those of who test soon will be fine because you have been studying for so long and have enough of what it takes for passing this  NCLEX test. Take a breath, and think clear your thoughts. It will be back on. I am taking my exam for the 5th time. So yeah I get it. Just breathe, I know we all paid and the program should work etc etc. But just deal and how about do some supplement questions or test yourself. Review other notes. Use your time wisely!

    God Bless!

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    right i forgot to ask which time zone?

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    central time, but we have not had more recent updates from the vendor. We will keep you posted.

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    They are saying 3pm Central

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    but that doesn't matter for the people (like me) testing soon

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    Absolutely absurd. I will NOT be recommending this course! An entire weekend lost, and only 17 days left until testing. I feel so bad for those of you testing in the next couple of days who can't finish up.

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    Our vendor said now it will not be 3PM. We really wish we knew more details and had control over the situation, but we do not.  They are trying to resolve it and everyone is working 24/7 until it is fixed.

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    It's unfortunate