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What are the benefits to learning online versus the more traditional face-to-face classroom?

  1. A Convenient Way to Stay Current
    Does your busy nursing schedule or the inaccessibility of training facilities prevent you from traveling to a classroom? Now you can learn when it's convenient for you, day or night!  Distance learning allows greater flexibility to help you fulfill your learning plan.
  2. Freedom to Move at Your Own Pace
    E-learning allows you to study at your own speed, selecting a degree of intensity and pace that suits your needs. You can browse over material that you’ve already mastered and concentrate on areas containing new information and competencies.
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  3. Diverse Network of Students
    Where else can you participate in a class with fellow nursing professionals from Australia, Africa and Canada at the same time? Communicate with other students and create a network of resources outside of your immediate surroundings.
  4. Learning That’s Affordable and Accessible
    Larger institutions can more easily afford to invest in training for employees. E-learning gives smaller health care groups and individual nurses access to the same quality of instruction. And, whether your nursing setting is large or small, e-learning will save you money in tuition, time away from work and commuting.
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  5. Frequently Updated Materials, Expert Instruction
    Since course materials are posted online, you can be confident that your training is completely up-to-date, reflecting the most current thinking of nursing experts nationwide. And, e-learning gives you personal access to proven instructors and thought-leaders in the industry.
  6. Courses Customized to Students, Nurses and Nursing Faculty
    No matter where you are in your nursing career, e-learning can help.  If you’re a nursing instructor, you can gain test writing and personnel skills or use e-learning to train employees. Students can get help studying for the NCLEX exam, while LPN/VN’s and RN’s can find courses that apply directly to challenges they face everyday. E-learning brings the experts right to you!