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    • 10 Apr 2017

    New & Improved NCLEX Review Courses Launch – Now Mobile Friendly!

    The latest versions (v8.5) of NCSBN's Reviews for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN are now available and include these new and improved features:

    • Now mobile-friendly! Now you can access the courses on a mobile or desktop device.
    • Updated content to reflect the latest NCLEX Test Plans.
    • New questions, including multiple-response (SATA) question types.

    Don't wait, sign up today!

    Current students: Want v8.5? We've got it covered! The course has been automatically added to your "My Courses" list (for free, of course!).  You have access to both course versions for the rest of your subscription.


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  • Experience nursing in the now with a new blog from Sue, RN, along with other expert resources.

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Question of the week for 04.24.17
A client of Hispanic heritage refuses emergency unit treatment until a curandero is called. What should the nurse understand about the practices of a curandero?

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