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After the 3rd try of the NCLEX RN. I finally passed!!!


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Student Testimonials

After the 3rd try of the NCLEX RN. I finally passed!!!

  • Let me tell you about my story. I first took the NCLEX last NOV 2008 in the Philippines. Took the entire exam 265 and failed. I used Mosby for my review. The second try I took it DEC 2012. I used kaplan for my review. Answered all 265 items again. I did the personvue trick. went to the CC final result 2 days later..FAILED.  Finally, the 3rd try..Last June 3, 2013. Answered all 265 items again. My mind was going crazy. My head aches during the exam..My mind was going crazy. Left the exam center thinking I failed again..when i arrived home, my wife and I did the the good pop up. 2 days later. got official report and i PASS! Did NCSBN 5 week and NCLEX 4000 for the 3rd try..

    To those who have the same situation as me.. DOnt get discourage. Let failure motivate you. nothing is impossible. Pray to God and study. DOnt be hard on yourself. Balance your social life and study life. Before I took the 2nd try. I feel guilty everytime i go out with friends and not being able to made me more anxious. The 3rd try, I approached my reivew with more positivity.

    If i can do it..You can to!! :-)

  • Congrats

  • hey  congratulations.. thanks for that motivation of yours . may god bless u as you step in as an RN..

  • Oh my, what an encouragement. Congrats. I feel guilty too, and don't  go out anymore. And  if I am not working, I am studying.  God is  good all the time, and  I am so happy for you. Whereever you are,  Congrats and God bless you always for not giving up..

  • I'm so anxious everytime my test date.. Taking soon for my third time.. Hopefully il passed this time..

  • Great job!  And wonderful advice.  Congrats on passing!

  • hey..the nclex 4000 which u refered has lippincott n wolter kluwer as publishers????????

  • Thank God!!! So happy for you and your family!!!!

  • WOW! Congratulations ORNurse. :) You finally made it. Woohoo! :)

    Yeah! We too can do it. Giving up is never an option in pursuing our goals no matter what it takes. :)

    Remember: Angel

    God didn't create any of us to be average. He didn't make us to barely get by. We were created to EXCEL!


  • Thanks evreryone. Yeah I used wolter and kluers nclex 4000. Btw, I also used PDA by la charity. It realy helped me with the prioritzation questions.

  • Okay so can i put it this way...nclex 4000, ncsbn n pda  helped you to face the questions than the previous reviews u did with other materials???i don't have pda  but can manage with the it okay if i don't go thru pda..coz whom so ever passed has gone thru this(pda) so am asking...

  • Im not saying that Kaplan didn't helped me bcoz I failed. I learned a lot from it. it just  happnd that I failed. In preparing for my 3rd try, I needed something new and fresh so I decided to take NCSBN, NCLEX 4000 and PDA LaCharity coz if I review Kaplan again, the practice questions will be the same and It will give me false positive assurance that im ready for the exam. If you ask me, I would recommend you to review  PDA.

  • okay thank you....that was a lot of help....congrats once again....:)

  • YesSo TrueSmile

  • what is pda