Online Nursing CEs. Respecting Professional Boundaries

Respecting Professional Boundaries

Online, self-paced CE course

Establish & maintain healthy nurse patient boundaries.

Cost: $30

CE Credit: 3.9 Contact Hours

Subscription Length: 3 weeks

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Audience: This course is for every nurse in every practice setting at every level of practice from student to doctorate, from staff nurse to vice president.

Protect you, and your clients, from crossing the line.

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Crossing the line can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Unfortunately, it occurs all too frequently... sometimes with devastating physical, emotional, financial and legal effects.
This course explores the thin line between professional, therapeutic nurse-patient relationships and inappropriate interactions.

In this self-paced course, you will explore critical topics including:

  • How and when appropriate care crosses the line from a therapeutic relationship into abuse.
  • How to detect warning signs of boundary violations before they escalate.
  • Strategies for correcting violations of nurse patient boundaries.
  • Understanding nursing sexual misconduct and sexual harassment.

For only $30, you will receive three weeks of unlimited, 24-hour access to the course materials, earning 3.9 contact hours.

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Learn warning signs and create proactive strategies.

Protect your nurse patient relationships by mastering these course objectives:

  • Define the concept of professional accountability for nurses.
  • Locate at least four resources that delineate professional accountability for nurses.
  • Describe elements of accountability when the nursing professional makes assignments and delegates nursing care to other health team members.
  • Analyze the professional accountability of the nurse when deciding to accept or refuse patient care assignments.
  • Define the term “chain of command process.”
  • Describe the duty of the professional nurse to report incompetent, illegal, or unethical conduct of health team members.
  • List the 4 elements required to establish nursing negligence.
  • Distinguish between the various areas of the law that effect nursing practice.

Study nursing professional behavior… straight from the experts!

You will study using some of the learning aids developed for the Crossing the Line: When Professional Boundaries are Violated video and facilitation package (©1998 NCSBN), as well as the work of NCSBN's Task Force on Professional Boundaries and Sexual Misconduct. The course also utilizes e-learning instructional techniques:

  1. Watch and Learn  — Watch clips from the Crossing the Line video, following the case of someone alleged to have violated professional boundaries. (Available as streaming video in Windows Media or QuickTime formats).

  2. Learn by doing — Explore “Links to Knowledge,” visual and graphic aids and key terms as you navigate through the course contents.

  3. Reflect on what you learn — Complete short-answer and essay questions in the downloadable workbook. Note: Completion of the workbook may be necessary to meet board of nursing requirements.

  4. Complete the course at your own pace — Guide yourself through the course and complete assignments at your convenience.

At the end of the course, evaluate your understanding of key concepts by completing the posttest. A score of 75% or above is required to receive your contact hours!

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This course was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

Developed by the NCSBN Task Force on Professional Boundaries and Sexual Misconduct (1997)

NCSBN Task Force on Professional Boundaries and Sexual Misconduct (1997): 

  • Jean Stevens, MBA, RN, Chair 
  • Judith Ryan, PhD, RN, CRNP 
  • Neysa Somple Gaskins, JD, RN 
  • Betty Ann Taylor, MSN, RN 
  • Vickie Sheets, JD, RN, Staff