Online Nursing CEs.Nursing Medication Errors: Detection and Prevention

Medication Errors: Detection & Prevention

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Improve your processes & protect patients from harm!

Cost: US$30

CE Credit: 6.9 Contact Hours

Subscription Length: 3 weeks

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Audience: This program is for every nurse (PN/VNs and RNs) in every practice setting at every level of practice.

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Shortages of nursing staff. Increasingly large case loads. Today, it’s easier than ever to overlook small errors in administering medication, especially if the change causes no harm.

By identifying and analyzing small mistakes, you can play a powerful role in advocating for patient safety— and possibly preventing a life-threatening medication error. This self-paced course can help you to:

  • Understand the dangers of nursing medication errors.
  • Identify situations that increase the chances of nursing medication errors.
  • Create a personalized plan for improvement within your practice.

For only $30, you will receive three weeks of unlimited, 24-hour access to the course materials, earning 6.9 contact hours.

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Create strategies for preventing med errors… and protecting patient safety.

By pinpointing the situations in which nursing medication errors often occur, you will be able to address the processes that may need improvement within your practice, before a crisis occurs. Master the course objectives and learn to:

  • Recognize events and actions that lead to medication errors.
  • Identify strategies to prevent risk exposure through appropriate nursing practices.
  • Describe strategies to address medication errors made by colleagues.
  • Analyze the adverse effects of medication errors on clients, facility, and the health care system.
  • Initiate a personal improvement plan to prevent medication errors.

Learn to prevent nurse medication errors, studying at your convenience!

Enjoy the many benefits of e-learning as you:

  1. Learn by doing — Explore “Links to Knowledge,” visual and graphic aids and key terms as you navigate the course contents.

  2. Solidify your knowledge — Complete fun and interactive exercises including multiple-choice and matching assessments.

  3. Reflect on what you learn — Complete short-answer and essay questions in the downloadable workbook. Note: Completion of the workbook may be necessary to meet board of nursing requirements.

  4. Complete the course at your own pace — Guide yourself through the course and complete assignments at your convenience.

At the end of the course, evaluate your understanding of key concepts by completing the posttest. A score of 75% or above is required to receive your contact hours!

Sign up today… and come away with new strategies for preventing med errors!


Developed by: This course was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

Author(s): Tonia D. Aiken, RN, JD and Julia Weigland Aucoin, DNS, RN, BC

Background: Tonia is President and Co-owner of Nurse Attorney Resource Group, Inc., a nurse attorney-owned company providing consulting and educational training in legal and ethical issues in nursing, documentation, mediation/ con´Čéict management, and legal nurse consulting courses. Her company also creates and implements legal nurse consultant programs for nursing schools nationwide.

Background: Julia Aucoin has been working in nursing professional development for over twenty years. As both an academic and a practice educator, she employs creative learning strategies, to make learning fun and make it stick. Currently she is employed as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and is working with both undergraduate and graduate students.