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Looking for the best review course available for your NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN exam? Dig into NCLEX review courses with comprehensive nursing content organized according to the latest NCLEX Test Plans.

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With NCLEX-style questions, diagnostic pretests, study groups and discussion forums, and our new Ask the Instructor tool, you’ll be well on your way to success!




Whatever nursing setting you practice in, your key to long-term growth is professional development. At the NCSBN Learning Extension, we have identified skill and knowledge sets that empower nurses to establish and prolong their careers.

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Our nursing continuing education courses allow you to gain core competencies from nursing experts.

Professional Boundaries in Nursing

Sharpening Critical Thinking Skills


Count on courses from NCSBN Learning Extension for real-life knowledge that empowers your day-to-day practice. The e-learning format allows you to learn from renowned nursing experts, as they guide you through the course material.

And our discussion areas allow you to exchange ideas with the brightest and best!

Test Development and Item Writing

Assessment of Critical Thinking

Understanding the NCLEX—A Guide for Nursing Educators

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Brought to you by one of the most trusted names in nursing, this living, breathing online community of students, nurses and nursing faculty allows you to….

  • Prepare to pass with the most comprehensive NCLEX review available—Instructor feedback is available for questions regarding concepts or topics!
  • Exchange ideas with your peers and Learning Extension staff through study halls, discussion areas and more.
  • Experience nursing in the now with a new blog from Sue, RN, along with other expert resources.

Stay awhile and explore all the community features!

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Weekly "NCLEX-Style" Question
Question of the week for 05.23.16
The client is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. During a psychiatric interview, the client asks the nurse whether religious practices would decrease the symptoms of anxiety. Which response is the most therapeutic?

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